The Earthian Brain--A History (II)

Introspection for Self-knowledge was not a well-marked feature of Scrutiny in the early JM2 Earth. The intellectual activity that paralleled today’s Wisdomwork was called Philosophy (love of knowledge), which was not envisaged in a reciprocal relationship with Introspection.

In fact, possesssing a collection of purportedly correct views about oneself was the highest level reached by a learned Earthian of the day, and this was rather boldly called Insight.

Study for this circumscribed body of information, "Insightwork", so to speak, was almost never a solitary activity. Insightwork was not even part of an individual experience for the JM2 Earthian. It was learned—or acquired, as is the word preferred by some schools—through a series of brief courses.

Complex for Insight-oriented Training. (Eastern Union, JY2013)
(From the e-remains of anonymous amateur recordician)

Training for Insight took several forms, but it invariably involved a healer as teacher. It is worth noting here that the JM2 Earthians felt a deep respect towards healers and usually a genuine faith in their competence—which is counterintuitive, given the level of critical sophistication they, the Earthians, had achieved at the time. The incompatibility is still an enigma. The single reasonable explanation is centered—paradoxically—around the disproportionally poor performance of the healing profession, creating a vicious chain circle reaction with the notoriously deep and omnipresent fear of disappearence that was typical of the JM 2. However, this doesn’t explain why, among the many classes that remained prestigious and authoritarian despite their limitations, this task was assigned to healers, and why wisdom was linked, among the many states of desire for the Earthians, to health.                                                                                                                                                                       

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