The Earthian Brain--A History (I)

The Earthian brain, by way of a series of inventions it achieved, delegated computation to non-living machinery. This assignment marks the beginning of what We retrospectively designate by the name of The Age of Informatics. Julian Millenium 2 (2 JM) is the approximate and officially accepted date this era starts.  
The main characteristic of the Age of Informatics is a drastic increase in the speed of information processing. Although the name is appropriate, it fails to imply the Earthians’ failure to foresee the divergence of reasoning and virtue-regulation from computation in terms of speed and accuracy: This age is characterized by not only a drastic increase in the speed and an alteration in ways of obtaining collecting and processing information, but also by the dissolution of knowledge and its replacement by an ever-expanding bulk of information.
We are still far from understanding why the influential scholars of one of the most intelligent 2nd JM genera could not figure out a basic canon: Computation speed is a prerequisite for the maintenance of sound reasoning; it is not sufficient to even initiate one.
One theory is based on an analogy between the infophilic culture that prevailed in the 2nd JM Earth and the pagan beliefs of the previous JM, which shared a tendency to worship created or constructed phenomena: Some rigid and primitive idealization must have blinded the intelligent Earthians to the basic canon. Some speculaticians go as far as to suggest that it must have been no less than a religion to have blinded Earthian scholars to such a simple fact—a religion lacking only in the classical revelation incidents typical of the belief organizations of the -1st and the 1st Millenia that centered around a Creator. However, this theory fails to explain why, unlike previous religions of Creation, the revelations never became disclosed later.

To be cont'd

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